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 I founded FireStrike Creative Group on the premise that good things happen
when digital presence begins with good creative. As the industry

has changed in my over 30 years in the creative business I have seen

how, now more than ever, it’s important for brands, institutions, and companies to foster authentic connections with their markets in

ways that are accessible,entertaining, and current.


We believe that the digital advertising landscape is growing and changing every day. We use the latest digital trends and technology to help
you be seen. We believe in putting your best foot forward. Our talented creatives are ready to help with your web development, branding, cyber security, social media management and video production projects.

Inspiration Strikescapturing the spirit

Branding Package: Website Design

Add Positive Visual Energy

Branding design for industry, didn’t use to be a thing, but now even procurement professionals are relying on ‘soft’ points like the visual strength of a company’s presence. That BEGINS with your website.  If you need more justification for your business process, think of it like the process of showing yourself friendly – your clients are going to buy from their friends, or they are just making a hard line economic choice. 


Turn The Voume UP


Motion layout

Personable faces


Atomic Engagement

Producing interesting, original content for first handshake engagement.

Bright Ideas

Captured beautifully, and presented in ALL the media channels potential customers are hanging out in.


Its a non linear chess move where the customer are completely engaged and sold before they relaize it.


Branding Does Matter

We’re not talking about sexy, we’re talking about putting your manufactured products – and the manufacuring process – and the people manufacturing the plastic

in the best light possible.

A little makeup to hide the blemishes, means a lot of site preparation and lighting expertise that all add up to hours and days of work in the planning – for that first date.  Each new customer experience, or the refreshing of an old buyer to your new materials is a chance to catch and hold eyeballs.



The primary goal of the new website should be simplifying the site and making it easier to explore as well as offer more for users to keep them engaged. By including video on the site and giving new opportunities to get to discover the everything it is that Otto Environmental Systems can do for specific clients. Simple to navigate interface is the first priority.

In House Creative

:: Blends Marketing and Saless

Connect with your customer
Documentary style

In the digital age, we need to prioritize transparency while finding a way to engage our audience. Branded documentaries satisfy this need by pivoting away from pitching people and toward educating them. This desire for education has popularized documentaries among consumers in general,
creating a great opportunity for brands to join the conversation.
● In 2019, users spent a weekly average of six hours and 48 minutes watching online videos – a 59 percent increase
from just three years prior in 2016.
(Limelight, 2019)
● Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support
(HubSpot, 2018).



Charge Forward

Business Roadmaps Built to Automate All Routes

SMS, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube – how fractured can the market become?

Research shows video-sharing app first topped the charts in February and has generally stayed No. 1 since August, according to Cloudflare

Reaching customers has never been easier – each one has a preference, and it’s button clicks away to reach them on their platform of choice!

  • Meet the Customer In Professional Space
  • Meet the Customer in their Personal Space

Research Reaching them with an authentic story, is the only key to the playing field

Potential customers can be reached on Youtube with a sequential advertising campaign, which educates or entertains in the first 5 seconds.  Across several of our accounts this method has produced $5 Million in direct sales of manufactured goods in the $10,000 per unit cost. 

Our Marketing Automation TRACES all the dots

We can trigger re-marketing campaigns from 3+ minute visits to your website, or just the google search term.  From that search term, we learn how to Optimize each page of the site, or prioritize content creation.  No other $10,000 investment returns more market insight.  No other $10,000 expense has an immediate and measureable ROI than marketing automation.

What you don’t know can kill you

Do you know your cost to scale up sales? Without Marketing Intelligence backed by user data the sales pipleline could be full, or empty – and how would you know?  For the cost of a single employee, 

Marketing Automation Software Suite

– Quantify Sales Pipeline

– Intelligent AI deisgn for computer to person handoff

– Call tracking

– Web user tracking

– Remarketing & Campaign Management 

– Immediate Scalability

– Email Marketing and Service/Support Integration

Failure to launch

Website and marketing collateral is not a static goal

The neuroscience that helps consumers convert Brains are bad at buying. They struggle to make even the simplest, most logical decisions. When decisions get tough they won’t decide at all, they’ll just grind up and do nothing. So how do you, the nimble marketer, get brains to not only make a decision – but make the right decision?

Looking at advances in neuroscience we’ll explore what the brain needs to decide to take action. Use 5 biases the brain has and what you can do about them to lower the barriers to conversions. You’ll be armed with actionable know how to help increase conversions and keep brains choosing you.


The Five Whys, which is a long-tested method of getting the right answers from a person.  It was developed in the 1970s by Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyota, and is still used today.

Here’s how it works: When a problem—any problem—occurs, you should take a step back and ask “why?” up to five times to find the source of the problem you’re trying to solve. Each answer gives you more and more detail and gets you closer to the root of the problem.  Five videos, solving the five whys

Business Consulting

Market Research

Mergers & Acquisitions

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